27 Feb 2007

Fiji police continuing treason investigations involving former Prime Minister

10:53 am on 27 February 2007

Fiji police are continuing treason investigations against the deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase.

But the acting police commissioner, Ramanu Tikotikoca, says they cannot reveal further details because that might compromise their work.

The Fiji Sun quotes Mr Tikotikoca as saying they are trying to determine if the allegations of treason made by the army hold water.

He says they have to determine whether these sorts of investigations impinge on national security and at what level.

The military alleged that Mr Qarase had asked for Australian and New Zealand military intervention in Fiji.

The Australian prime minister, John Howard, confirmed receiving Mr Qarase's request at the time but told radio stations in Melbourne that he did not want to see Australian and Fijian troops fighting one another in the streets of Suva.

Under Fiji law instigating an invasion is tantamount to treason.