28 Feb 2007

Climate experts meet in Cooks

2:51 pm on 28 February 2007

Climate experts are holding a workshop for small island developing states in the Cook Islands this week to discuss measures to help adapt to climate change.

The three-day workshop includes 45 climate change experts and is hosted by the United Nations and the Cook Islands Environment Service.

The Cook Islands Environment Service's international manager, Tania Temata, says the experts are looking at adaptation in several areas, such as water resource management.

"What do we have to do in terms of salt water intrusion as the sea level rises. The support could be technical assistance. We don't have technologies, for example for salt water intrusion in terms of using salt water and transforming that into drinkable water. So we are looking at technical support as well as financial support, because communities get affected by the adverse effects of climate change."

Tania Temata says other areas that need adaptation include tourism, health and agriculture.