1 Mar 2007

Trial dates set for most Solomon Islands cases where prisoners protesting

4:12 pm on 1 March 2007

Trial dates have been set in Solomon Islands for all but one case involving prisoners who had protested about court delays.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that this follows the completion of an urgent review ordered by the Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer.

The High Court Registrar, Nelson Laurere, says the Court's Case Listing Committee met yesterday evening and, as a result, all but one of the trials involving those prisoners were fixed for hearing.

Mr Laurere says the remaining case was given lower priority because the prisoner is already serving a life sentence for murder which has been confirmed on appeal.

The committee also confirmed that the High Court would continue to focus on clearing the substantial backlog of criminal trials where the accused is in custody.

It says this may result in some delays in cases where the accused is free on bail.