9 Mar 2007

Papua New Guinea sportswoman receives International Olympic Committee award

6:33 am on 9 March 2007

A Papua New Guinea sportswoman has been awarded a trophy by the International Olympic Committee at an official ceremony held in Lausanne.

Veitu Apana Diro received the trophy for Oceania for her outstanding contribution to strenghthen the pariticipation of women and girls in sports.

Diro whose vice president of PNG's National Olympic Committee, is one of the longest serving women in sport in her country. As a founder of the national netball federation in 1965, she has always encouraged women and girls to discover this sport.

In 2000, she became Chairperson of the then newly founded Papua New Guinean Women in Sport (WIS) Committee.

Her efforts towards increasing female participation in sport were and are addressed to all generations.

Diro has coached numerous young girls in various sports, but has also established a masters association for older women.

Her recent initiative is a mentoring programme in which elite female athletes go into schools to motivate young girls to practise sport.