15 Mar 2007

Life sentence for five Solomons men for 2003 murder on Weathercoast

4:05 pm on 15 March 2007

Five former Guadalcanal Liberation Front members in Solomon Islands have been sentenced to life imprisonment over the death of Brother Nathaniel Sado from the Melanesian Brotherhood.

The High Court found that Ronnie Cawa, Carradine Pitakaka, Geddily Isa, Owen Isa and William Hence were all guilty of murder.

The SIBC reports that the prosecution told the court that the five men had inflicted such a beating on Brother Sado that it resulted in his death.

The presiding judge, Justice Brown, said in his ruling that the court had found that the five men acted together by common purpose or agreement to kill Brother Sado on Guadalcanal's Weathercoast in 2003.

His remains were exhumed by police later that year and then buried at the Melanesian Brotherhood Headquarters at Tabalia on West Guadalcanal, along with five other Brothers, also killed at the Weathercoast after they went in search of Brother Sado.