19 Mar 2007

Local chiefs in Vanuatu call for action against trouble makers in Port Vila

5:38 am on 19 March 2007

The newly elected Vaturisu council of chiefs of Efate in Vanuatu has insisted that the Malvatumauri --the national umbrella representing all the chiefs throughout the country -- take action to reduce the number of people in squatter settlements around the capital.

Following tribal clashes in Port Vila that left three people dead, the Vaturisu wants the Government to introduce legislation to send all unemployed people and anyone convicted of criminal charges back to their home islands.

The local council of chiefs say they won't allow any such violence to tarnish the reputation of their island and the country.

The leaders of the Sesivi community of Ambrym, representing over 100 victims whose homes were burnt down and properties damaged, have decided to tell the Head of State and the Government that they are the innocent victims of the violence.

Sesivi community President Tanaim Francois said alleged instigators from Baiap had absolutely nothing to do with it.

In the latest development Chief Fidel Vanusoksok of the Lamap community from the island of Malekula led his people to the Sesivi victims of Ambrym to offer a custom reconciliation ceremony and to deny any involvement by the Lamap community.

Chief Vanusoksok said it was a woman from Lamap who died from alleged black magic. She was married to a man from Tanna.

The chief said it was her immediate family who were allegedly involved in the rampage with the Tannese mob.

Police sources said the real story will eventually be told when the tension goes down, but it is likely it will finally be revealed that only two families involved.