21 Mar 2007

American Samoa watchdog group accuses Governor and his deputy of ineptitude

8:29 am on 21 March 2007

Common Cause American Samoa says the Governor and Lt. Governor should retire from office.

The watchdog group says there is no vision in their administration and so much is left undone in government because of their ineptitude.

The watchdog group points to the number of directors who have been convicted, resigned or asked to step down during this administration.

It also charges that there are money management problems in almost every department of government, yet instead of scaling back, Governor Togiola is seeking a 2007 supplemental budget instead of enforcing collections on leases, rents and other payments to the administration.

Common Cause says the Governor and Lt. Governor should step down graciously.

According to Common Cause, that's what statesmen do when they can no longer lead.