22 Mar 2007

World renowned Fiji golfer Vijay Singh throws support behind sacked manager

7:34 am on 22 March 2007

The World renowned Fiji golfer Vijay Singh has thrown his support behind the manager in charge of the country's biggest investment project in Natadoloa who was sacked by the National Provident Fund last week.

In a statement, Singh says he will withdraw from the Golf course project if Gerard Saliot and his company Asia Pacific Resort International Limited or APRIL are prevented from completing the project.

Mr Saliot was sacked last week when it was discovered that he had a history of criminal offences which he has admitted to.

However, Singh says is not happy with the attempts to remove APRIL from its role as project developer and that Mr Saliot and the APRIL team have the experience, expertise and commitment to complete the project.

Singh says he will not only withdraw his design for the golf course and the proposed Golf Academy, but he's also seriously considering resigning as the Ambassador of Sports for Fiji.

The FNPF says after three years they've spent more than 36 million US dollars of the 84 million dollars committed to the project which is 24 weeks late and only 10 percent completed.