27 Mar 2007

Kiribati ministry awaiting PSC decision in scholarship controversy

1:55 pm on 27 March 2007

A deputy secretary in the Kiribati Ministry of Education, Tarsu Murdoch, says the Public Service Commission is expected to make a decision shortly over the disciplinary action against two staff members allegedly involved in last year's scholarship row.

An inquiry was held into the government's controversial allocation of scholarships in 2006 to study at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji when it was discovered recipients of those scholarships didn't qualify for degree programmes.

Ms Murdoch says she hasn't seen the outcome of that inquiry, which was completed in July, and has been kept confidential.

She says last November the ministry suspended two staff members.

"The Ministry has put in their submission to this body and we're still waiting for the outcome of the submission, as to what sort of disciplinary action has been approved by the commission. That was put in last year, but they haven't come up with the final decision as yet."

Tarsu Murdoch