27 Mar 2007

Solomons Chamber of Commerce raises questions over Lands Dept performace

7:46 pm on 27 March 2007

The Solomon Islands chamber of commerce and industry has again raised questions regarding the performance of the lands department.

The chamber claims there are questions surrounding the legality of certain land dealings and ownership transfers.

The chairman of the chamber, Peter Goodwin, says there are numerous reports of the sale of government house properties and land to well-connected people at prices far below market value.

Mr Goodwin has previously written to the government, the lands commissioner, the Honiara city council, and the ombudsman seeking reassurance that the dealings of the lands department will be investigated.

However, he says he has had almost no response.

The chamber is calling on the government to commit itself to attacking corruption, inside and outside the government and public service.

Mr Goodwin says that the government should begin this process by getting to the bottom of allegations of poor governance and corruption inside the lands department.