28 Mar 2007

Reshuffle of Department heads in Solomon Islands

1:50 pm on 28 March 2007

A reshuffle of the heads of government departments is occurring in Solomon Islands.

The secretary to prime minister and cabinet, Dr John Roughan, says of the 21 ministries, about a third of the permanent secretaries will be shifting to other posts.

He says this is not to do with the concerns raised by the Chamber of Commerce over poor governance and corruption in the Lands Department.

Dr Roughan says those issues will be looked at it but it's normal for a new government to re-organise departments.

He also says a new ministry has been set up.

"A Ministry of Youth, Women and Children's Affairs, which as you probably know, something like more than 50 percent of our population are under 25 so just having a ministry for them makes a lot of sense and more than 50 percent of our people in the Solomons are women."

Dr Roughan says the Ministry is being headed by Ethel Sigamanu, a permanent secretary.