28 Mar 2007

French Polynesian opposition poised to deposit no-confidence motion

8:11 pm on 28 March 2007

The French Polynesian opposition is poised to deposit a motion of no confidence as the ruling coalition is struggling to agree on a revised budget.

The leader of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, Gaston Flosse, had demanded a change to the budget proposal in apparent defiance of his colleagues which prompted fears of a possible collapse of the three month-old government.

Today's debate didn't cover the investment issues and an opposition assembly member, Sabrina Birk, says her side may seek to deposit a no confidence motion as early as tomorrow.

"If they are divided on certain points and they show that there is no longer a majority then we will probably take advantage of that to deposit a 'motion de censure'. We're just observing what is happening."

Sabrina Birk