29 Mar 2007

PNG Police Commissioner suspends officers involved in beating

3:35 pm on 29 March 2007

The Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner, Gary Baki, has ordered the immediate suspension of a group of police officers who assaulted the director of police prosecutions.

Chief superintendent, Thomas Eluh, who was with his ten year old son at the time, was stopped in the Port Moresby area.

He said he was frightened for his life as guns were brandished around and he was kicked and beaten.

The police officers had been instructed to deliver Mr Eluh a suspension order.

Commissioner Baki says the five police officers involved in the incident have been suspended.

"That kind of behaviour and attitude is uncalled for, it's unacceptable. That's the principle I always operate in and I have been a victim of those sorts of situations as well but this is uncalled for. You know, police officers should be more professional in the way they do their things so really, it is a challenge for the constabulary."

Police Commissioner, Gary Baki.