4 Apr 2007

Infrastructure for Rarotonga needs to be a priority says Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce

4:02 pm on 4 April 2007

The president of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce wants to see infrastructure for Rarotonga be a priority for the government.

Teresa Manarangi-Trott says while there is a need for development of the outer islands, putting in new harbours or airports won't necessarily mean that people will stay there.

The government has made it clear that infrastructure for the outer islands is a priority in the forthcoming budget.

Mrs Manarangi-Trott says the airport on Rarotonga needs work and there is major redevelopment required at the harbour in the main town of Avarua.

"It's fairly substantial if we want to be able to berth there, a couple of ships at the time. At the moment, one ship has to berth and the other ones have to stay offshore before they can come in, as well as improving the harbour for yachts."

Mrs Manarangi-Trott says they want to know how the government is going to prioritise the country's infrastructure needs.