5 Apr 2007

Fiji military criticises US over visa cancellation procedure

1:45 pm on 5 April 2007

Fiji's military says it's inappropriate to ask the interim prime minister to hand his passport in to the United States embassy a so it can revoke his visitor's visa.

The American ambassador in Suva, Larry Dinger, has sent Commodore Frank Bainimarama a letter informing him that his visa has been cancelled.

The commander has reportedly said the decision to revoke his visa and those of others in the interim administration stops Fiji from moving forward.

A spokesman for the military, Major Neumi Leweni, says the commander has been asked to take his passport to the embassy so they can cancel the visa.

"That's not appropriate because he's been informed that it's been revoked so he's not going to try and go without a visa, so what's the need?"

Major Leweni says its the embassy's prerogative to take such action.