12 Apr 2007

Tonga's pro-democracy movement expresses concern over reconciliation appointment

1:42 pm on 12 April 2007

The pro-democracy movement in Tonga is questioning the government's appointment of an adviser on Reconciliation.

The director of the movement, Akanete Lauti, says they support the idea of reconciliation which is needed following the riots in Nuku'alofa in November last year.

But, she says they have concerns about the prime minister having another political adviser in place and do not think the process is transparent at this point.

Mrs Lauti is also questioning why Viliami Afeaki has been appointed as the adviser when he's been out of the country for more than ten years.

"He was not here during the riots. He was not here in between November 16th and up to now. And, actually get to know and be informed of the way things happened and how it happened. And, we were thinking somebody who would have more informed of what is happening in Tonga right now rather than getting him out from the United States to do the work for us."

Akanete Lauti.