17 Apr 2007

Tokelauan leaders complete pre-referendum foreign tour

3:21 pm on 17 April 2007

A senior legal officer in Tokelau's public service says Tokelau leaders and senior public servants have completed a round of community consultations with Tokelauans living overseas.

Lise Hope-Suveinakama says since the beginning of the year a Tokelau contingent has visited a number of countries.

She says it's important for all Tokelauans to be kept informed as Tokelau is preparing to vote on another referendum on self determination in free association with New Zealand, later this year.

"And also with community consultations, we started in January. Like the faipules, when they went to Hawaii, as the council's also the board of telecommunications and so they had a meeting there, but they also took the opportunity to meet with the Tokelau community there. So I went with them and met with the community with Hawaii and also the community in Pago Pago."

Mrs Hope-Suveinakama says community consultations were also held in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Only Tokelauans residing in Tokelau will be eligible to vote in the upcoming referendum.