25 Apr 2007

Three Fiji military officers facing mutiny charges

9:59 am on 25 April 2007

Fiji's military has charged three of its officers from its Labasa barracks with inciting mutiny for refusing to obey an order from its Suva headquarters.

Radio Legend reports that a commissioned officer with the rank of Captain and two non-commissioned Warrant Officers have been charged following the completion of a board on inquiry.

It quotes the military lawyer, Major Kitione Tuinausara, as saying an officer will be sent to Labasa to compile a summary of facts following which they will assess whether further charges should be laid.

Major Tuinausara says if the summary of facts concurs with the evidence, the three will face a court martial.

The three officers have been held in remand following allegations that they told members of the territorial force not to withdraw from checkpoints, despite an order the military headquarters in Suva for soldiers to return to barracks.