25 Apr 2007

Solomons' government delegation promised help for distant province under its 'bottoms' up policy

4:59 pm on 25 April 2007

A Solomon Islands delegation is in Temotu province on a 4-day information gathering and sharing mission on the government's bottom-up-approach policy.

The delegation, which includes foreign minister Patteson Oti and immigration minister, Peter Shanel, have discussed the huge potential of agriculture, fisheries, and tourism in the province.

The meeting has also focussed discussions on government-supported activities in the province which not operated in several years.

The revival of government accommodation in the provincial capital Lata is one of these issues.

One of the province's urgent needs is seen as housing for government workers.

Mr Shanel pointed out that some funding had been provided in the last budget for housing, but urged the provincial administrators to work closely with the relevant ministries in Honiara to urgently address the accommodation needs.