1 May 2007

Nauru government determined to change constitution

3:17 pm on 1 May 2007

Nauru's government will push ahead with proposed legislation to change the constitution even if a specially appointed Convention doesn't finish its review work.

A 36-member group is discussing recommendations put forward by a constitutional review commission after a series of public meetings last year.

Those meetings indicated concern about financial mismanagement and accountability.

But the Foreign Minister, David Adeang, says the convention's work is being delayed by a small, but vocal minority :

"We will still see this incumbent upon us to table in parliament those changes that we consider necessary for the good government of Nauru. To do otherwise, we think, would be a a failure on our part to adhere to the mandate give to us by the people."

Mr Adeang says the convention has six weeks to discuss the recommended changes, such as selecting a President by popular vote and introducing a leadership code.

Legislation will then go before parliament where it needs a two-thirds majority to pass before going to a public referendum.