9 May 2007

French minister accuses Socialists of misinformation in overseas campaign

10:53 am on 9 May 2007

The French minister in charge of overseas territories has accused the Socialist party of having led a campaign of disinformation in the lead-up to the presidential election.

Herve Mariton of the UMP Party made the comment after the mixed results of the UMP candidate and winner of the election, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Mariton says the Socialist rivals misled the public in some overseas communities by warning of threats to abolish the so-called RMI family support benefits.

Mr Sarkozy won less than 38 percent of the votes in Reunion, while at the same time scoring a success in the New Caledonian capital, Noumea, which was only surpasssed in the Paris suburb where Mr Sarkozy has been mayor.

French voters, including those in the overseas communities, will be back at the polls next month to choose a new assembly.