9 May 2007

Overhaul of Fiji's diplomatic postings not expected to drastically affect work

8:58 am on 9 May 2007

A major overhaul of Fiji's diplomatic postings is not expected to drastically affect the work being done by the missions.

The permanent secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ross Ligairi, is reported to have said the contracts of the heads of missions for New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States would be reviewed.

Career diplomats are unlikely to be affected.

But Fiji's High commissioner to New Zealand, Bal Ram, says despite a expected change in the majority of the missions, their work will continue:

"When ahead of mission is removed the supporting staff take over for an interim period and then new heads of missions are posted."

Mr Ram is confident that Fiji has a big enough pool of candidates to find replacements for those politically appointed diplomats who are asked to step down.