14 May 2007

Swain's Island representative disappointed report calls on residents to leave

6:08 am on 14 May 2007

The representative of Swains Island, in American Samoa, Alexander Jennings, has expressed disappointment with a recommendation in the Future Political Status study Commission report calling for people to leave the island.

The commission said the cost of delivering health care, education and other public services to Swains was prohibitive.

It recommended that the people living on Swains should consider moving to the main islands of American Samoa to get the public services they are entitled to.

Mr Jennings says the report takes into account the needs of the people of Swains, but not the island.

"But to recommend that everybody come from the island to access the services is quite disappointing to say the least on my part but I know that this gives me a greater challenge to deal with these conditions."