15 May 2007

More bribery allegations filed in wake of last year's Samoa general election

10:08 am on 15 May 2007

Allegations of bribery and corruption are contained in other election petitions filed following last year's general election in Samoa.

This follows a petition against re-elected MP, Patu Ativalu, who is being accused by an unsuccessful candidate, of not only bribing voters the night before the by-election but of being paid 25,000 U.S. dollars by a ruling party MP.

The money is alleged to have been paid for Patu to withdraw his general election petition against HRPP MP, Anauli Pofitu Fesili.

This is also alleged to have occurred in other electorates with claims a successful SDUP MP paid a former HRPP MP 10,000 dollars to drop his petition.

And, a ruling party MP, who was re-elected, is alleged to have paid around 45,000 dollars to an unsuccessful opposition woman candidate for her planned petition against him to be stopped.

A report by a commission of inquiry into illegal practices during last year's general election will soon be tabled in parliament.