15 May 2007

NZ Foreign Minister disappointed in Fiji state of emergency extension

7:39 pm on 15 May 2007

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Winston Peters says he is disappointed that Fiji has extended its state of emergency.

At a meeting with the European Union in Brussels last month, Fiji vowed to abolish the state of emergency by the end of May in order to secure more than 300-million dollars in aid funding.

However, the Fiji interim government has issued a statement, saying it will not immediately lift the emergency regulations put in place after the December coup, but that they will be reviewed later.

Mr Peters says it's unfortunate.

"Look it's an issue of enormous disappointment because it means that the current regime's programme and manner and style of carrying on will be done in this way, and in a highly military circumstances and like the EU we are very concerned about."

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Winston Peters.