16 May 2007

PNG PM criticises performance of public service

3:10 pm on 16 May 2007

Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, has criticised the public service for being inefficient in service delivery.

Sir Michael told the newspaper, The National, that inefficiency in the public service had resulted in MPs getting into trouble with the Ombudsman Commission for attempting to play public servants' roles.

Sir Michael further claimed that MPs were in more direct contact with their people at the rural and village levels and not the educated public servants or citizens, who tended to live in the city and were ignorant of village and community life in rural PNG.

He also called for Papua New Guineans to have a sense of nationalism.

He added that he would remain Prime Minister and his 28 ministers in cabinet until the return of writs on July the 30th.

He said there would be no caretaker government according to law.