18 May 2007

News cancelled in New Caledonia over RFO blockade

1:12 pm on 18 May 2007

Reports from New Caledonia say some news broadcasts of the public station RFO have been cancelled because members of the Kanak USTKE union blocked road access to the broadcaster's premises in Noumea.

The local newspaper says the union took the action to push a demand that one of the employees be given a promotion and a pay rise.

It says pedestrian access was still granted, but the head of the broadcaster objected to the action and subsequently called off the locally produced news broadcast.

RFO says the woman in question doesn't have the qualifications for the job she aspires to get.

The dispute also saw RFO drop a planned televised interview with the head of the USTKE union.

Last year, RFO was hit by a seven-month strike over its refusal to rehire a sacked employee.