21 May 2007

World Vision in Solomon Islands sending out re-assessment teams to islands

4:42 pm on 21 May 2007

World Vision in Solomon Islands is sending out teams today to re-assess the needs of people on Ranongga and Simbo following complaints that further assistance is still required.

A spokesperson for Ranongga has reported that some people have still not been able to get tents for shelter, nearly two months after the island was hit by an earthquake and tsunami.

Brad Cowling, from World Vision in Gizo, says 500 of the neediest families on the two islands did receive tarpaulins, which have been used as tents, but more may be required.

He says he has another 500 tarpaulins available for distribution which will occur following the re-assessment.

"World Vision has a series of boats that we send out and a team of 18 local people that are working on various issues, from hygiene issues, water and sanitation, there's a shelter issues as well, and a project officer to co-ordinate some of these."

Brad Cowling.