23 May 2007

Solomons opposition supports role of Public Service Commission

6:09 pm on 23 May 2007

A member of the Solomon Islands parliamentary opposition, Milner Tozaka, says the Public Service Commisson must remain independent of government influence when it considers applications for state jobs.

Mr Tozaka was responding to an announcement made by the secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr John Roughan, on the government's plan to review the PSC.

Dr Roughan says the review should pave the way to ensure PSC is more in line with the government's views, adding that there is an inability in the commission to think as the government is thinking.

But Mr Tozaka disagrees, saying the PSC has been established not only to appoint government employees but also to oversee the adherence of public service recruitment, regulations and procedures.

He says if the PSC is to follow the government line of thinking the whole public service could be filled with cronies, relatives and friends.