25 May 2007

Fiji Indians in NZ squabble over coup stance

3:16 pm on 25 May 2007

A row has broken out among organisations representing Fiji Indians now living in New Zealand over their support for the current interim administration.

The vice president of the Fiji Indian Association in New Zealand, Salim Singh, said it was disgraceful that India had agreed to help Fiji when New Zealand, Australia and the US had done otherwise.

But the president of the Fiji Indian Association, Prabodh Mishra, has told Radio Legend that they have noting to do with statements made by Mr Singh.

Mr Mishra says they support anyone who is willing to help Fiji move forward.

Meanwhile, the Waitakere Indian Association has attacked the Fiji Indian Association in New Zealand for its statements.

Its secretary, Thakur Ranjit Singh, has also accused the New Zealand government of practising double standards.

He says the decisions made by he New Zealand government after the coup in Thailand and the New Zealand government's plea in Pakistan prove this.