28 May 2007

Concerns with under-nourished students in Marshall Islands being addressed - official

7:20 pm on 28 May 2007

The Marshall Islands Secretary of Resources and Development says the country is trying to address the issues found in a recent study which showed some primary schools students were under-nourished.

Fred Muller says the government is taking the issue seriously and had some plans to alleviate the problem.

A pilot lunch programme had been introduced for some publicly-funded schools in Majuro to ensure students received food during their school day.

Mr Muller, who is attending a biennial regional meeting of the Food and Agriculture organisation, being held in Majuro, says raising the level of food production is on the agenda.

"A country like the Marshall Islands would seek assistance in terms of capacity building to provide some of this nutrition in the schools and more promotion of school and home gardening projects and public awareness on the importance of local food crops as well."

Fred Muller.