31 May 2007

Corruption allegations at Fiji's 2 billion US dollar NPF

7:07 am on 31 May 2007

A whistleblower at the 2-billion US dollar Fiji National Provident Fund has sparked an investigation into an alleged corruption ring implicating employees including some senior ones.

Fiji TV reports that Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption or FICAC has confirmed receiving documents and emails which it is now authenticating.

The issue stems from the controversy surrounding the Fund's Natadola Beach Resort project costing several hundred million dollars.

Two months ago the Fund's new board cancelled the management contract for the construction of the hotel which was held by the Asia Pacific Resort International Limited or APRIL and gave it to a local company temporarily.

APRIL's chief executive, Keni Dakuidreketi, told Fiji TV last night that crucial evidence in the form of documents and emails was left at their office which they have passed on to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Fiji's cabinet will meet in a special session today with members of the Fund's board to discuss matters relating to the Fund which is the country's largest financial institution.