31 May 2007

Communications restored after PNG volcanic eruption

7:03 pm on 31 May 2007

The communication lines between Lae and Siassi Island in Papua New Guinea have been improved after disruptions caused by a volcanic eruption on nearby Ritter Island two weeks ago.

Hundreds of villagers who fled to higher ground for fear of a tsunami following the eruption have returned home following assurances from experts who visted the volcano last weekend.

The NDO acting director, Martin Mose, says lack of communication to Siassi Island has always been a problem but the equipment they've installed will make a difference.

"Installed a seismographic equipment on the island to actually monitor the volcanic activity, install two way radio on the island as well so they could improve communication with Lae headquarters."

Vulcanologists and teams from the National Disaster Office are currently on Siassi Island where they will monitor Ritter Island.