1 Jun 2007

Fiji's ousted SDL Party puzzled by military stance

3:36 pm on 1 June 2007

Fiji's SDL party, which lost power when the Laisenia Qarase government was deposed in a coup last December, says it's not sure what the military regime is up to in ending the emergency regulations.

The regulations, which restricted movement and gave the military broad police powers, were lifted last night.

The national secretary of the SDL, Peceli Kinivuwai, says the party welcomes the step towards normalisation.

But he says they are not sure of the government's motive.

"We give it a week or so before we can be able to ascertain what is the motive and what is it, because I know we, we don't feel that whatever is done, is done in the best interests of the nation. It has been done because it is required by our donors."

Mr Kinivuwai says while Mr Qarase is technically allowed to travel to the capital for the first time in nearly six months, they want more information before he will make the trip from his home island.