8 Jun 2007

Expert urges Fiji to keep election's office funded

1:31 pm on 8 June 2007

An electoral expert, Dr Paul Harris, who was part of the Forum team assessing Fiji, says it is important to keep the Fiji election's office going to be able to return to democracy.

The assessment was conducted on behalf of the Joint Working Group set up by the Pacific Islands Forum and the Fiji interim government and found that fresh elections are possible before the end of next year.

The interim regime has said elections will have to wait until June 2010 but Mr Harris says there are signs that they can be held earlier.

"and that also indicates that it is willing to support the election's office which has funding only up to July this year, and if that funding is not renewed there is a very real possibility that they will lose some very experienced staff from that which would be a disaster."

Dr Paul Harris an electoral expert with the Forum group assesssing Fiji