8 Jun 2007

Fiji police vow investigation of Malasebe death will be transparent

3:16 pm on 8 June 2007

Fiji police say the investigation into the death of 30-year old, Tevita Malasebe, who died on Monday after being detained by police, will be fair and impartial.

Police say post mortem results show Mr Malasebe died of internal injuries but police are investigating the cause for his death further.

Assistant Superintendent Ulaiasi Ravula says it is too early to come to a conclusion.

"It is too early to make out any outcome of any investigation that is conducted right now but all we can say is that a team of senior investigators led by a superintendant of police from the criminal investigation department headquarters in Suva is leading the team of investigators. We are looking at all those that were involved in the interview and those that came in to bring in the suspect."

DUR: 21

Assistant Superintendent Ulaiasi Ravula says the investigation will be transparent.

Two people died after being detained by the military earlier this year.