9 Jun 2007

American Samoa's Governor to meet officials to discuss new minimum wage hike

9:20 am on 9 June 2007

American Samoa governor Togiola Tulafono is scheduled to meet today with certain officials to discuss the new minimum wage hike and its impact on the government work force.

Currently, there are a total of 4,604 government workers.

Of that number, 3,635 are permanent workers, 411 are contract employees, and 558 are on temporary status.

The current government industry activity minimum is $2.91 per hour but come July 24, this industry will get a 50 cents per hour hike and some cabinet members are concern with the impact it will have on their annual budget.

A fiscal year 2008 budget call that went out this week requires all government departments to maintain budget ceilings from the current fiscal year, but some cabinet members are complaining that the Budget Office have not taken into account the new wage hike.