13 Jun 2007

Repairs still needed on houses in northern Cook Islands after 2005 cyclone

2:16 pm on 13 June 2007

More than two years after Pukapuka and Nassau in the northern Cook Islands were hit by a cyclone, some families are still waiting for their houses to be re-roofed.

The mayor of Pukapuka, Tere Mataio, says the school has been rebuilt and has been up and running for some time.

But, he says not all of the houses that suffered damage have been repaired on the island which has a population of around 470 people.

Mr Mataio says 22 have been rebuilt while 15 others are yet to be completed and five of those are without a roof.

"They're still waiting for roofing iron. We don't know, it just depends on the aid management in Rarotonga. They say the work will go ahead in March but March is gone and this is June. We're still waiting but they will do it."

Mr Mataio says he is hopeful that a ship which is scheduled to arrive next month, will have the roofing iron on board.

In the meantime, people who are not in their own homes, are living with other members of their families.