15 Jun 2007

US Interior Secretary praises American Samoa's contribution to the fight for democracy

10:08 am on 15 June 2007

The US Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne has paid tribute to American Samoa's contribution to his country's military operations.

Secretary Kempthorne has been on a two-day visit to American Samoa, where he signed a grant award of 188,000 US dollars to the territorial Government .

He says that American Samoa has more citizens per capita serving in the military than any other state in the United States.


IN:......You're number one. We share democracy, we share freedom. And the fact that from this island of such warm and gracious people, America has some of its finest warriors defending freedom and democracy is truly a tribute to the friendship between American Samoa and the United States of America.

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Dirk Kempthorne was conferred the chiefly title Puleiite during an ava ceremony held in his honour.