15 Jun 2007

Fiji Human Rights Commission accuses neighbours of breaching UN protocols

10:11 am on 15 June 2007

Fiji's Human Rights Commission says Australia and New Zealand have breached the protocols of the United Nations Human Rights Council by calling for a review of Fiji.

The commission says Fiji is entitled to take this up with the UN as a matter of grave concern to its sovereign status as a UN member.

It says that Australia and New Zealand's actions in this matter may also be a matter for the International Court of Justice.

The Commission is particularly concerned with the report, in support of Australia and New Zealand, by the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Leondro Despouy.

It says Mr Despouy reached certain conclusions about the rule of law in Fiji without providing the relevant institutions referred to in his report with an opportunity to be heard.