20 Jun 2007

Tension escalates in Fiji netball

10:22 am on 20 June 2007

Netball Fiji president Alisi Tabete says she will not step down and the executives can't push her out as the boss of the Netball Association.

Tabete has reacted after Netball Fiji secretary Patricia Rokoua revealed 11 districts have signed a petition to move a vote of no confidence against Tabete in the next Council meeting.

The president says all meetings that have been held are null and void.

She adds that the current crop of executives haven't followed the Netball Fiji constitution and she has no reason to worry at all.

NF is now looking at calling a Special General Meeting to push Tabete

out as president.

It has also been confirmed that a formal letter was delivered to Tabete today asking her to voluntarily resign.