26 Jun 2007

Guam self-determination requires unified approach, says Commission

5:04 pm on 26 June 2007

The vice-chairman of Guam's Commission on Decolonisation says the territory needs to take a concerted and unified approach if its right to self-determination is to be realised.

Rufo Lujan's comments follow the appearance of a delegation of Guam activists before the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation last week.

As an unincorporated United States territory, Guam is one of the world's 16 remaining non-self governing territories.

The activists say the United States is refusing to respect the Chamorro people's right to self-determination.

Mr Lujan says while he shares their aim of self-determination, people acting on their own in this process are a distraction from what should be a concerted effort.

"The best way to do this would be to try and present a unified front, and that has been the problem. The biggest obstacle that we are facing is the lack of political will. This is a Commission that is established by law. The chairman of the Commission is the Governor of Guam, and in the four years that I've been on this Commission, the chairman has attended one meeting."

Rufo Lujan says self-determination for Guam is all the more important because it is becoming a target for enemies of the US.

He says there is no dialogue between the US and the people of Guam, despite the massive pending US military build-up in the territory.

You know, the US will be stationing the latest version of its fighter, the F-22. We have B-2s, B-52s, cruise missiles, we have nuclear submarines, so we are now a major target for people who do not like the United States. (North) Korea is developing a missile that can reach Guam.