27 Jun 2007

Clear employment conditions needed to ensure disputes dealt with - Cook Islands businessman

6:25 pm on 27 June 2007

The Rarotongan Resort, one of the largest private sector employers in the Cook Islands says clear employment guidelines cut the number of disputes.

The Cook Islands Division and Labour Consumer Service is investigating a series of complaints by foreign workers who say they have been abused by their employers.

The director for labour says there has been a high turnover of foreign labour mostly due to maltreatment by their employers.

The owner of the Rarotongan Resort, Tata Crocombe, says he has learnt one key thing in his line of work.

"If the employment conditions are clear, if people have opportunities to raise their concerns and have those addressed promptly, one tends to have fewer employment disputes."

Tata Crocombe of the Rarotongan resort.