29 Jun 2007

Cook Islands government want foreign workers better informed about rights

6:15 pm on 29 June 2007

The Cook Islands' Government's Labour Consumer Service is investigating a number of complaints lodged by some foreign workers who allege they have been abused by their employers.

The director for labour, Helen Maunga, says most of the workers are in the domestic or labour areas.

She says some of them don't know their employment rights, and when they are in trouble they are unsure of who to turn too.

Helen Maunga says foreign workers should be informed clearly of what services are available to them when problems do arise.

"'So it is the role of the state or government to ensure that these people come into the country there rights need to be spelled out to them that they have provisions of protections for them in place."

However, she says, unfortunately, some workers stop short of identifying themselves for fear of being sacked.