2 Jul 2007

Guam landowners seek information about housing plans for 8,000 US soldiers

10:14 am on 2 July 2007

Landowners in Guam's Urunao lands are protesting the US military's alleged plans to build military housing in the area, and have blocked off the access road leading to private beach property.

The Marianas Variety newspaper says the landowners are also demanding the return of excess federal lands to the original landowners.

A spokesman for the landowners, Pascual Artero Sablan says that any unfriendly signal from the federal government might trigger dissent among the local community.

He says locals will support a military buildup, especially if they can benefit economically and financially from it.

Mr Sablan says there are about 400 landowners in the Urunao property, which is partitioned among six families who he says are in the dark about the military's construction plans in Andersen South and South Finnegayen.

The United States government is planning to relocate 8,000 Marines from Okinawa to Guam.

Mr Sablan says the navy has begun doing construction work in the area but the landowners' attempt to get information from the military has been futile.