2 Jul 2007

Fiji teachers still set to strike

2:22 pm on 2 July 2007

The Fiji Teachers Union says public servants are still preparing to strike despite the Public Service Commission's attempts to discourage workers doing so.

The PSC says it has cancelled all leave for public servants ahead of this month's planned strikes against a 5 percent pay cut for all public servants and the reduction in their retirement age to 55.

The general secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union, Agni Deo Singh, says it is illegal to cancel workers leave.

"They're entitled to take their leave as and when it is due and no one can stop them from taking their leave. If anyone endeavours to do that, that'd be a breach of the Master Collective Agreement, under which they are employed."

Agni Deo Singh says any delay of leave must be a mutual arrangement between the employer and employee.

He says unless a settlement is reached, they are preparing for strike action on the ninetenth of this month.