3 Jul 2007

Fiji taxi companies say petrol rises will have a negative impact

10:34 am on 3 July 2007

Taxi companies and drivers in Fiji say they will suffer substantially due to a rise in petrol prices.

Kerosene, diesel and other fuel prices will rise from today by up to 27 cents per litre.

A Beaumont Taxi driver in Suva, Pranil Lal, says it will have a big impact and he fears that many drivers might quit their jobs.

"At the moment we are not having enough passengers getting into taxis due to our situation in Fiji, people are using busses and due to our taxi fare and petrol price rise, I don't think most of the drivers will be happy to drive their cars either. So drivers will stop driving taxis."

Pranil Lal, a taxi driver in Suva.

The director of B. K. Taxi in Suva, Bal Kishoer, agrees, but says taxi companies might be forced to charge more for their rides nevertheless.