3 Jul 2007

Solomons rebuilding continues three minths after quake and tsunami

3:31 pm on 3 July 2007

Communities on Simbo and Ranongga in Solomon Islands are continuing to rebuild 500 houses that were badly damaged in the tsunami and earthquake and tsunami three months ago.

But, there is less progress in Gizo, where thousands of families remain living in tents and are reluctant to return to their villages on the coast.

A representative of World Vision, Brett Cowling, says people in Gizo are finding it tough, especially with the bad weather which has struck recently.

But, he says villagers on Simbo and Ranongga are moving ahead with their rebuilding and World Vision is providing them with basic shelter kits.

"It's approximately 500 houses that are damaged that World Vision are providing shelter kits, which includes tools for rebuilding a house, bracing for ensuring that it is cyclone and earthquake, tsunami proof as much as building codes require."

Mr Cowling says most islands have access to natural resources such as timber for the houses so they have helped with chainsaws and access to sawmills.