9 Jul 2007

Samoa Supreme Court hears theft charges against Health Ministry manager

10:12 am on 9 July 2007

The Supreme Court in Samoa has heard that police evidence to support theft as a servant and fraud charges laid against the former Corporate Manager of the Ministry of Health, Samau Ieru Lokeni, have gone missing from the police head office in Apia.

The police sergeant who was heading the investigation told the court, when questioned by the attorney general lawyer, 'Afa Lesa, that the small cash box and a diary went missing in April

The police sergeant was investigating irregularities at the ministry of health starting in 2004.

Court documents show that Samau allegedly stole a total of 3 thousand US Dollars between November 2001 and March 2004.

He has also been accused of defrauding accounts from the World Health organization in a statement of expenditure in April 2002.

The hearing will continue this week.