9 Jul 2007

Agricultural sector in Tonga positive about the National Economic Development Council

1:50 pm on 9 July 2007

The growers representative on Tonga's National Economic Development Council, the NECD, is welcoming the government's move to expand the private sector via initiatives from the council.

Mana Latu is a squash and vegetable grower for the domestic and export markets and he says the NECD will provide the private sector with closer links to government.

There are a number of proposals before the council on ways to promote growth in the private sector with agriculture seen as a key driver to boost the economy with possible new crops and adding value to existing exports.

Mr Latu believes the NECD is a positive move for the agricultural sector.

"We are grateful that government, the Tongan government, has taken the move to establish the council because we know that this will bring us closer together and hopefully, the agricultural sector will improve the economy as a whole."

Mr Latu would not give details of the proposals because they are commercially sensitive and yet to be approved by the council.